Monday, October 1, 2012

A prize from Ashford.

I promise this will be the last spinning related post for a while, but I just had to share with you the prize I received from winning an Ashford Facebook competition! The call was made for people to submit a photo of themselves and their Ashford product, with two winners to be selected and rewarded with an Ashford apron.

I entered this photo...

Yes, that is me in my pyjama's spinning Merino fleece while my darling cat Sophie watches on. A typical week night for me :-)

The apron arrived on Friday and it is terrific!

I have already pinned my Guild pin to it, and I plan to christen it at the next meeting. 

Sam xox

Psst - In case you were wondering what on earth aprons have to do with spinning... one must wear an apron to protect their clothing when spinning. Fibres like to attach themselves to your clothes and are super hard to remove. At other times, when spinning freshly shorn / unwashed fleeces, the apron catches all the dirty bits and pieces that fall onto your lap!

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