Monday, September 24, 2012

A trip to Feltfine.

Recently I paid a visit in person to the farm where Feltfine is based deep in the beautiful Hunter Valley. I invited a new blogging friend along to join me for the trip, as I knew she was an enthusiastic knitter and would love some of the Alpaca yarns Gary had for sale.

As we entered the farm we were greeted with these beautiful Alpaca's, we were soon to discover an Aladdin's Cave of woolly treasures. Given a washing basket each to utilise for collecting our goodies, my partner in knitting crime and I were left to browse what the shed had to offer us. We spent a leisurely hour handling the softest of fleeces, digging through tubs of yarn, and diving into bags of the most beautifully dyed fibres...

~ Only the beginning ~

~ Kristin shows us her range of coloured felt batts ~

~ Alpaca yarn made from the fleece of Gary's own Alpaca's. Complete with the animals name! Now who wouldn't want to knit up some cozy winter socks from "Mr B"s fleece! ~

~ Sample bags ~

~ An entire wall of dyed Merino fleece ~

~ Do we really have to leave? ~

As we drove away with our bags for goodies, it was agreed that the pilgrimage to Feltfine was definitely worth it! If you aren't able to visit in person, I would seriously recommend checking them out online - they post worldwide! It feels so good to be supporting a local 'home grown' business.

Sam xox


  1. I DO wish you'd stop posting about lovely yarns and spinning because I don't have time to pick up another hobby, yet you make spinning look SOOOOO appealing! What lovely wool- I would have been digging my hands into all of them for a feel!

    1. LOL! I know what you mean. I feel the same way every time someone posts a crochet project! Sam xox