Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sometimes the thrifty Gods are smiling.

There have been a few good things about our move up to Newcastle. Definitely one of the best as been the quantity and quality of the antique and op shops in the Hunter region. The antique shops sell wares for very reasonable prices, and there are at least 4 op shops in every town, over flowing with random bits and pieces.

I recently visited one such shop and found a stack of vintage patterns stuffed under a counter table stacked with miscellaneous crockery. I was told patterns were 50 cents each. As I was on my lunch break I didn't have the time to sort through the boxes to check the patterns individually for complete pieces and instructions. I asked what price they would accept for the three boxes, and just about fell over when the reply was $10. 

$10?!? I normally pay this for one vintage pattern on Etsy! So I handed over my blue $10 note and left with three boxes of sewing patterns!

~ The patterns all boxed up ~

~ Mt favourite little boy patterns ~

~ My favourite little girl patterns ~

~ My favourite of the vintage patterns ~

I spent an evening sorting through the boxes. There were soooo many patterns (expect a few giveaways people!) that I divided them up into piles: vintage patterns, more modern patterns I would wear, and those 80's style patterns that are just scary... I am set for children's patterns, the only thing I am missing are the actual kiddies ;-) The ladies vintage patterns were all darling, and there were also some odd ball patterns that are kinda cool. I have checked over half the patterns I want to keep and they are complete, which I am thrilled about.

~ What is it with cats, sunshine, and boxes? ~

What has been your best thrift store find?

Sam xox


  1. What a great find Sam...unbelievable ;o)

  2. Wow that is an awesome find! I never have luck like that in op shops. I think I need to start op shopping more.

  3. Hey, I have that Kwik Sew nightie pattern in the upper right corner! I just bought it a couple of years go, and last I looked it was still in the books. So there's your $10! :) You just got all the rest for free!

  4. Lucky Girl!! You got some wonderful stuff. You could sell the ones you don't care for on eBay and come out ahead! Hehe I have found vintage coats for 5.00 dollar that I feel very happy to own them.

  5. Argh!! I am so jealous of your find, you're so lucky! Trips to the Hunter region are definitely a future must for me. Pass on you luck please?
    P.S. Your kitty is adorable :)

  6. What a treasure trove of patterns. Well done. Love the box sleeping kitty....very cute.

  7. How awesome is that!?! I bet they were glad to unload the boxes, too! (sorry, I've been MIA for a while and am trying to catch up)