Thursday, November 10, 2011

Machine quilting.

Following my stressful beginning of this week I decided I need to do a bit of sewing 'therapy' at sewing class. I didn't want to face the tricky scalloped jacket I have been working on. Instead I decided to do some experimental quilting on my new machine and see what I could create...

First I did some "mock hand quilting" on a simple pin wheel block. I will bind this in blue and hang it somewhere in the house. I then decided to test out some of the machine quilting stitches. First I tried all the different straight quilting stitches, both stitched in the ditch and also 1/4 inch from the seams. This is what my practices looked like...

Then I decided to be more adventures and try out some of the "crazy quilting stitches". Some of them are beautifully vintage in style!

I had tried machine quilting in the past on my old Janome My Style but found, even with the walking foot, that the stitches would never be right and the machine would struggle. Because of this I have shied away from machine quilting. Now I have a machine that can handle the job, the sky is the limit.

Any machine quilting tips people?

Sam xox


  1. Some lovely stitches! I wish my machine could do some of those stitches, particularly the wavy ones.

    Have you tried free-motion quilting? That's a lot of fun!