Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The first signs of spring.

As the weather continues to get warmer here,
blossoms and new life begin to appear...

~ The last of my winter bulbs ~

~ Tiny lemons beginning to grow on my tree ~

~ Lots of colourful faces ~

~ A nesting dove in our backyard ~

~ The doves first attempt at making a nest ~

Sam xox


  1. How lovely! Sigh...first signs of Winter here..Still, every season has a beauty of it's own :)

  2. Do love spring - everything feels so fresh and renewed :)

  3. Your little faces looks beautiful, I love Spring, but alas, we are just starting our Autumn. Looking forward to all the colour of the maple trees, and the Mums in my garden.

  4. Hi Sam,
    It's so interesting, and also invigorating, to see your change in seasons, the opposite of what it is up here in the north. We have hardly any signs of fall yet, but i know it's just around the corner, and I'm so glad to know that as I go into the cold season, someone else comes into the warm!

  5. Yes! Lemon trees in flower - love it!!