Wednesday, May 4, 2011

One pattern seven bloggers #1

Something has been brewing for the past few weeks! I contacted a group of sewing bloggers who I find very inspiring and invited them to join me in a sewing project. The idea is simple. One pattern, seven bloggers, infinite possibilities.

And so the "One Pattern Seven Bloggers" project was formed.

~ A big thank you to Rachel who designed this cool badge for our project! ~

Everyone said yes to the project, and we have since been emailing with questions and ideas!

So, who's on board?

Marie from A Sewing Odyssey
Reana Louise from Curves, Patterns and Pins
Rachel from My Messings
and Me!

Here is the pattern we decided on...


Today marks 'day one' of the project, and our first blog post. Every Wednesday we will be posting about our progress until the big reveal on the 1st of June!

For the dress... I have been giving some thought to modifying the skirt to create a more '50's look by gathering the skirt significantly, and perhaps making a petticoat to add extra volume under the skirt. Our landscape here is quickly changing to autumn hues of burnt oranges and reds, so I am going to use autumn colours as my inspiration for the fabric.

Image from here.

I love the bodice of this dress so I cannot see myself changing it much. I am also thinking of making a fabric belt to match the dress. I will probably stick to a cotton fabric for this dress, as I like sewing with natural fibers.

Now, off to find some fabric...!

Good luck ladies!

Sam xox


  1. Gorgeous colour inspiration! Can't wait to see what fabric you find.

  2. Ooh that colour inspiration is fantastic! I'm in Queensland- which means we get Summer or Winter... no Autumn! Those colours and warm and lovely!

  3. so Sam, this will be so neat to see a group project. you would be proud of me, i purchased two (2!) shirt patterns and fingers crossed will have something to show off in my lifetime. I am wanting to quilt a top for myself.- cw

  4. What a great idea! I actually downloaded this pattern a few weeks ago but haven't yet started it because the instructions are a little bit.. uhhh... vague for a beginner. Any tips you or your blogger-sewing-team could give along the way as you make it would be MUCH appreciated! It is such a sweet shape! x

  5. I am the same as Reana Louise! I live in QLD so never see Autumn. When we went to Canberra last year it was so much fun to see all the autumn colours. Gorgeous!

  6. Thanks again for coming up with this idea, loving your inspirations! Looking forward to seeing what we all achieve ;o)