Sunday, February 14, 2010

Blue ruby doll.

Here is a doll I made for me niece for her 1st birthday.

I enlarged the original pattern to make it a better size for a one-year-old (but I still worry the arms are too petite!).

It is using the same pattern as the Ruby Doll I made last year. Remember this doll?

I like the bigger pattern, and I think it is a great present for any little girl.

I like her in blue too!

Sam xox


  1. She is very cute. I think the face on the blue one looks happier, not sure why but it does.

  2. They both look great, I love country crafts. I use to make dolls but tend to go overboard and make too many. They can get so adictive. cw

  3. Both dolls are so cute! I think the arms will be fine as long as they're well attached. I had the same worry sending sock monkey's to my gr neice and nephew. I was afraid they'd swing them by the arm or tail and it would come off, but I just double sewed it. What one year old wouldn't love a doll like that? Very sweet gift.

  4. HI Sam,

    You have made wonderful dolls.Also nice to see the presents Jamie gave to you.

    Lots of fun with knitting and sewing.
    I heard at the moment you have a fulltime job. Great! I hope you can continue your job overthere.
    All the best, also for Jamie

    P.S Here in Holland everything is fine, although we miss Syndey lots of times. Here it is still oold. Friday I fly to two friends in Spain for 5 days. I am looking forward to it.
    All right. Bey bey and till next time.