Sunday, July 12, 2009

Camilla's quilt.

Oh you all have no idea how much I have been busting to show this quilt to you!

It may appear lately like I haven't been doing much quilting - it's a lie! Because Camilla reads this blog I was unable to post ANY of my progress on this quilt.

In February I decided to make a quilt for Camilla to take with her to the US to help make her appartment feel more like home.

I searched through my large collection of Australian Patchwork and Quilting magazine to find the perfect pattern. I came across this one, it is called Friendship Star and the quilt example in the book was made from coutry homespun fabrics, and the feature fabric was a mushroom brown. I changed that in my quilt to a bright yellow homespun, and complimented it with a variety of 1930's reproduction fabrics from my stash.

I love these fabrics as Camilla knows, and I also think you can't help but smile when you look at them - perfect when you are away from home!

So many nights were spent in secret making this quilt. I had it machine quilted by a lovely lady called Kay Brown at The Finishing Touch. Kay did an amazing job! It was the first time I have had a quilt machine quilted and I couldn't be happier with the result... I think I will do it again!

I had planned to finish it a week before the party, but the flu hit me bad, and I was still sewing the last bit of binding onto the quilt the night before the party!

It is also a relief to finally give it to Mill and tell her what I had been up to, as over the last few months I have been going to craft night with no evidence of progress on my vintage quilt - now she knows what I have been spending all my quilting time on! :-)

Here are some photos of the quilts journey...

And this is Mill with her quilt and pillow. Michelle knitted this pillow for Mill to take with her. She did such a great job on it! Camilla only taught Michelle to knit in January of this year, so I think this is an amazing job considering she has only been knitting for less than 6 months!
Again, every craft night Mill could not work out why the scarf Michelle was working on was just not growing!

Sam xox


  1. Well how beautiful is THAT!!!!! What a wonderful job and what a beautiful memory from home for Camilla!

  2. Awesome quilt! And I can see why you would want Kay to finish other quilts--she did a beautiful job with the quilting. I'm sure Camilla will think of you every time she snuggles under that quilt. Karen

  3. Beautiful quilt.I love the colors on it and your right the quilting is wonderful.

  4. How bright and cheerful. You do really nice work. Lane

  5. It is the most beautiful quilt! I am a vintage gal too and I love the 1930's colour scheme and the georgeous design. I was blown away when I opened my wonderful gifts. I started packing last night, and the quilt and the cushion were the first things to go into my suitcase! They will make my apartment seem so much more like home, and remind me of my girls every time I look at them!

  6. Haha! Hi Mill! This is your first comment on my blog! I am glad to hear your have started packing, I will call u this afternoon! Sam xoxo