Sunday, June 14, 2009

My finished quilts.

Does anyone else find that they finish more quilts that are gifts than they do for themselves?
I want to share with you some quilts I have finished over the years.

This wall quilt I made for my Nan for Christmas in 2007. I also made one for my mum for mothers day in 2007. In Nans I used pink fabrics, which had a really nice result. In Mums I stuck to a country theme, which made the quilt look totally different.

This is the only photo I have of mums quilt. I really should take a better one!

Next up is the wall quilt I made for my other Grandma for her 80th birthday in November 2008. I chose a nice combination of fabrics and was pleased with the result. I forgot, however, to sew the hanging rod pocket onto the back of the quilt before I gave it to her! I told her I would put one on, but she was so excited about getting the quilt that she thumb tacked (pinned) it onto her bedroom wall. Perhaps not the most traditional way to display a quilt, but at least I know she loved it!

For Christmas of 2007, I made Mardi and Pop a Christmas wall quilt. It is called Rudy and Me.

And finally, here are two quilts I made for myself.

The first is a simple three block wall sampler. I made the blocks by hand.

This is by far my favorite though - my Wreath of Flowers quilt. This little baby is made up of 163 1/4" hexagons and took me moths to complete. It is sewn by hand and has to be my best quilting achievement so far. I entered it into our local show this year and won first prize for it. I got the blue ribbon and $5 prize money. Oh, and a certificate!

Sam xox


  1. I love how doing the same pattern in two different sets of fabrics can make it turn out so differently! I love all your work, but especially the little Wreath of Flowers! That is quite an accomplishment!

  2. I definitely finish more for others than for myself. I'm ready for a quilt to grace MY bed! I've never done a quilt more than once - just not that prolific yet - but I'd love to, just to see how the differences manifest themselves.

  3. Hi Sam! I'm so glad all my friends are coming over to blogger. I'm on vacation right now in Ottawa (Ontario) but will be home and posting after July 2. Just wanted to say hi.

  4. Sam, you are right,guilty, it was me 8>) Thanks so much for following him, okay here is the link to the donuts. Enjoy my friend.;topic=46368.0

  5. Okay Sam, guilty here 8>) Yes I do have it, heres the link for you. Thanks for helping me keep up with Jay, I need all the help I can get *LOL*