Tuesday, November 1, 2011


For my birthday this year my lovely husband gave me two very generous and wonderful gifts (the sewing-related one I will get to later this week).

My first gift was Sophie, a kitten we rescued from the RSPCA on Sunday. She was previously named Meow and had been through a lot in her short 10 month life. She began life as a kitten at the RSPCA, and found a new home quickly with a family. However, after scratching one of the children (you know what children do to cats) she was quickly returned to the RSPCA as 'unacceptable'. She was in a cage with a sign saying "no children", and no one was even considering her for adoption.

We saw her photo online a week ago, and finally met her in 'person' on Sunday. We spent over half an hour in her cage playing with her and cuddling her, trying to assess her personality (which is very hard to do mind you, when the poor thing is surrounded by other cats in their cages, the sounds of barking dogs close by, and three massive roosters walking just outside her enclosure!).

It was agreed that she would become part of our family. We paid the money, put on a brand spanking new pink diamante collar, and brought her home to meet Prada.

So far things are going brilliantly. She is a super loving cat who wants to snuggle up to us where ever we are. Prada has accepted her quickly and day by day they are getting to know each other. We are still keeping them in separate parts of the house during the day when we are at work, but hopefully this can stop sometime next week.

Thanks again Jamie, she is simply delightful!

Sam xox


  1. lovely post. what a sweet kitty!

  2. Aw she's so gorgeous! Rare to find a Ginger female (cat, I mean) too! Hope you get lots of enjoyment with her :)
    Happy Birthday for whenever it was.

  3. What a beautiful kitten. Happy birthday, Sam.