Thursday, November 3, 2011

My new sewing machine!

I was a super lucky girl this birthday! For my other gift Jamie gave me a brand new sewing machine! Good bye 13 year old machine from the 90's, with your 10 different stitches and very difficult button hole stitch. Hello brand new Pfaff Ambition 1.5.

I am in complete love with it. It has a ridiculous amount of stitches, which I have been testing out on lots of scraps of fabric. It has a touch screen that is used (amongest other things) to select stitches, adjust width and length, and even stitch in words and phrases.

There are lots of other neat gadgets on this machine. Like the button foot which actually sews a button onto fabric. And the button hole foot which automatically sews a button hole, simply by placing the button you are using at the end of the foot, it senses the button diameter and sews a button hole to the perfect matching size! Or the needle down button which makes the needle always finish every stitch in the down position, making it easy to pivot fabric around corners (such as in quilting). Or the automatic beep when it senses your bobbin is running low! Or the securing stitch button, which stitches a couple of securing stitches at the beginning and end of your stitching. No more reverse sewing here.

The machine can also quilt, which is really exciting. I had tried machine quilting on my old machine, but as it only had bottom feeders it would always end in a mess. This machine has top feed dogs too which makes quilting much neater. There are even a few "antique" quilting stitches to choose from which gives the illusion of hand quilting. Love it.

And because I couldn't snap a photo of myself using the machine, here is a photo of a random chick using a Pfaff Ambition 1.5...

Watch those fingers under that needle!

So I am officially in total love with this machine, and have been very tempted to take a day off work just to play with it. But I haven't. I've been good. Can't promise the housework will get done tomorrow though...

This makes turning 27 just a little bit easier ;-)

Sam xox


  1. Enjoy your Pfaff! I have two and I dearly love the way they sew! Also, Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Sam ,enjoy your new machine .

  3. "The automatic beep when it senses your bobbin is running low!"

    That in itself makes this machine awesome. Many happy returns! Love the purple colour of the machine too.

  4. Oooh what a fantastic gift! it's so pretty and I am in awe of all it's amazing features...I have serious sewing machine envy. You are one lucky lady :)

  5. Happy birthday to you! Enjoy your new toy :o)

  6. Happy Birthday, a super gift. Enjoy!!!
    Now there is now excuse, we want to see some new projects.

  7. ooh lucky you! I so want a new machine and this one sounds awesome. I need to do some shopping about. Enjoy!

  8. Wow Sam that looks awesome! I love my 1980's machine but THAT machine is super cool. Happy 27th!

  9. Ahhh - the love of a sewing machine! Enjoy!

  10. What an amazing present! Luck you! Happy birthday too.