Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas time.

Last weekend we decided to put up our Christmas decorations. There was a lot of discussion about where our Christmas tree should stand this year in our new home. It was decided that the tree would be placed in the corner of the lounge room closest to the kitchen so it can be seen from most areas in the house.

We spent the evening arranging the tinsel, lights and decorations 'just right' and were really happy with the result. However, Sophie wasn't at all impressed with our arrangements. The next morning we were to discover most of the decorations on the floor and the tree standing at a crooked angle. Seems our new kitty has a passion for Christmas too...

Hanging our decorations made us quite homesick. Over the past few years we have hosted, and attending, many Christmas parties/dinners/lunches and a habit of mine is to steal take a little something from each gathering (such as a bonbon prize, ribbon from a gift, table decoration) and keep it to hang on our tree. My heart beat a little harder when I unpacked these this year, and it made me sad to think just how much further away these friends and family are this year. Granted, we still live in the same State, and are driving distance away, but it is still a distance and it is just not easy anymore to 'catch up' with those we love.

Some of these decorations include:
* Felt reindeer faces from my parents-in-law's Christmas lunch.
* A metal star mobile phone trinket (not as tacky as it sounds), a prize won from a bonbon during a dinner at Mel and James'.
* White and silver ribbon bow saved from a gift from Michelle.
* A tiny piece of plastic holly taken of the end of one of my Mum's bonbons.
* Felt stars made with love and in the company of Mill.
* A knitted bell that Ally helped me to cast off.
* Christmas baubles purchased from David Jones with Jamie.

This new house has an authentically old fireplace and mantle. It was nice to be able to decorate the mantle place also, although our Christmas decorations don't stretch as far in this house as they did in our tiny apartment.

And my piece de resistance this year is this absolutely beautiful antique Grandmother's Flower Garden quilted stocking. It was made by a lady in America from an old quilt that was quite damaged. I bid for it on eBay and won, and it now hangs waiting to be filled on December 25. It is such a treasure.

Can you imagine what the entire quilt must have looked like?

This week my goals are:
> Weed my veggie garden (as it has seriously become overgrown due to my not being able to bend thanks to knee injury from running too many km's).
> Decide on some Christmas crafts and gather all the supplies necessary.
> Sew sleeves onto my scalloped pick jacket. I have sewn up the main part of the jacket... will be able to show you all soon.
> Finish my handmade Christmas presents. Not prepared to post about these yet as some of the recipients may see them on here.
> Type up instructions for pinwheel quilt.
> Begin soaking my fruit for my Christmas cakes.
> Build a gingerbread house.

Phew. Better get started!

Sam xox


  1. Christmas! Love it! Hope you get to spend some time with your friends and family. Big hugs :)

  2. I love Christmas!!! We are putting our tree up tomorrow night. We always do it on the first of december and watch the grinch afterwards.