Saturday, September 3, 2011

Thrifty finds and a giveaway reminder.

This week during my lunch breaks I have been exploring the local op shops. It has been a nice surprise to find that these op shops are a lot cheaper than the ones in Sydney. You can find many more sheets and pillow cases which have the potential to be upcycled (I have already began planning my Christmas craft projects).

Here are my goodies from this weeks visits...

~ A set of cream and mustard striped pillow cases for our spare bed ~
$1 for the pair.

~ An extra large mens grey hand-knitted jumper. Too big for Jamie.
Am considering making some cushion covers from it. ~

~ Gorgeous pink petticoat ~

~ Pair of vintage champagne glasses ~
$2 for the pair.

Have any of you ever cut up a knitted jumper and made cushions from it? What is the best way to do it to ensure the wool doesn't unravel?

Don't forget the giveaway ends soon!

Sam xox


  1. If you felt the jumper it will probably hold up better. I think you stick it in a hot wash to do that, but best to google it! (Sorry, I'm very allergic to wool, so have only seen other people do it)

  2. Some great finds! Maybe if you unpick the side seams to keep the large pieces in tact, then stitch together the seams of your cushion, maybe do 2 rows of stitching -trim off the excess- then finish the raw edges - probably too difficult to overlock - you may have to bind the edges or zig zag them????