Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sorbetto top #1.

I am now on the Sorbetto bandwagon! I have been wanting to sew this pattern for months now, but somehow during the move we managed to lose the cord that connected the printer to the computer. During a clean out of some boxes that had fish tank equipment in it, we found the cord (go figure). Which meant that I was finally able to print out this pattern. It is available for free from Colette Patterns here.

As we are quickly heading into the warmer months here, I wanted to start sewing summer clothes. Another motivating factor is that I desperately need new clothes for work. I have a combination of 8 tops and 5 bottoms that I have been mixing and matching for work for the past year. This means they are always in the weekly washing cycle and thus have really started to wear out. I want to make as much of my work wardrobe as I can, but as my work outfits need to be more on the practical side, I have been hesitant to sew clothes that require too much in the way of complicated technique - translation - I need clothes made quickly and cheaply so that when they get ruined I won't be too heart broken (my work can sometimes get messy!).

The Sorbetto fit the bill perfectly! For this top I used some of the fabric I purchased on the weekend. It is a simple cotton fabric, that I think is an imitation of Liberty of London prints. The pattern really didn't use a lot of fabric, and was a breeze to make. Seriously. Anyone could make this top. So if you've been thinking about beginning sewing, why not give this top a try?

~ In 'real life' the left side of the hem does not stick out like it does in the photo.
Perhaps my angle was skewed? ~

I only made a few small changes to this pattern. I added almost 2" to the length of the top, as I found that my muslin hem sat a bit to high for my liking! I also enlarged the arm holes slightly to make the top more comfortable in the hotter months.

I have a funny feeling this will be the first top of many from this pattern.

Have any of you given this pattern a try yet? What did you think of it?

Sam xox


  1. This is gorgeous!!! I'm a huge fan of this pattern! Having made three, I'm now on a Sorbetto ban during autumn/winter, but will definitely be making more next summer ;o)

  2. This is such a cute version of the Sorbetto. I've been wanting to jump on the Sorbetto bandwagon recently but at the mmoment my sewing machine is in the shop - boo!

    I bet you will get loads of wear out of this.

  3. Pretty! I've not tried it yet, as I think I need something to make it more fitted (or else it'll go out for my bust, hang there, and I'll look pregnant!) I'm working on an idea... I have printed it out though lol

  4. Hey Sam, cute top, thanks for the link to the free pattern. Will definitely try it out on one cute op shop fabric I've gotten recently.

    Thanks for your checkin in with me. My computer had packed it in, which made it really hard to blog (and every website but the boring ones are blocked from my work computer!). But I've just received my new Mac, so now I have a lot of catching up to do.

    Hope you are well, I see you've made a move to Newcastle! Hope you're enjoying it. Do you have much room for gardening at your new place? I've been doing so much gardening lately, and absolutely loving it! Love this time of year.

    xx Kim

  5. Great top - I've printed this pattern out - it's on the list.....

  6. i've made this top too, the post about it is sat in blogger waiting for me to finish and post it. I love the top but one thing i was really disappointed by was how inaccurate the fabric requirements were - i bought the amount it said and have more than enough for two tops.

  7. Looks like one I used to make back in the late 70's. Absolutely wore the pattern to pieces, ditto the blouses! They were very comfortable to wear and fast to make. I was using a light polyester knit (what we had back then) and just using seam binding around the sleeves and neck, then turning it under to stabilize it.