Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lemon myrtle scarf.

This scarf was made using the pattern The Cream of Spinach Scarf by Larissa Brown's. In keeping with the food-themed name, I will call my version the Lemon Myrtle Scarf.

The yarn I used was Rooster AlmerinoDK in Custard. I purchased mine from The Yarn Cafe and it was shipped to Australia quickly. The pattern is brilliantly easy and stitches up a dream. I especially love the scalloped ends that the pattern creates. 

I would recommend this pattern to all knitting levels, as the pattern is disbelievingly simple to knit.

Details can be found at my Ravelry account.

Sam xox


  1. That is so pretty! Yellow is one of my favourite colours. I can see this with a nice white dress and a light denim jacket for Spring.

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    2. Aw thanks heaps Kat! Funny you should say that about the white dress, I made a white Cambie dress that I will be posting about once I get some decent photos :-)

  2. Great colour! I seem to be wearing a lot of blak and grey in this dreary weather, must add a but if colour

  3. Thanks Kimberly!!! Yes I totally fell in love with the mustard, but to be honest, after knitting a beret and a scarf in that colour I got a little tired of looking at it ;-)