Friday, April 1, 2011

The universal language of sewing... almost.

I find it very exciting to discover, with the help of the internet, some wonderful sewing blogs written by fellow sewers in languages other than English. I love seeing their photos and admiring their different styles, and with the help of google translator I can most often understand the main points of the blog post.

Tonight though, I have to say google translator let me down. I was trying to read a blog about a sewn jacket, and this is what google gave me in English:

"...but it sounded a bit like more like a new species of choice but something you had on it, and say the woman who wants to associate himself with a whale?Apart from that, everything is great!"

After spending minutes re-reading the post and studying the pictures, I still cannot work out what was said...

Hopefully the weather will be kind this weekend and I can show you my new blouse!

Sam xox


  1. good for you using the translater, hope you figure out what the whale thing is about. I usually just look at the photos and 'guess' be good cheryl

  2. Thanks Cheryl! You know, there wasn't even a picture of a whale... Maybe its a metaphor :-) Sam xox