Tuesday, February 22, 2011


A large yellow envelope was inside my letter box this afternoon.
Inside it was Nutmeg.
My first ever Colette Pattern.

The pattern envelop, well, I had never seen anything like it! Gone was the traditional boring white envelope folded at the top. Instead, this Colette Pattern envelope was more like a folder, made from vintage-look cream card, with soft pink print and side stitching detail that I discovered held in place the instruction booklet.

I wouldn't normally go so silly over a pattern envelope, but the attention to detail that has gone in to creating this envelope, well, it deserves some applause :-) For those of you who have not yet purchased any Colette Patterns yet, here is a peak at mine...

I have printed out the Colette Pattern's lace tutorials for the Nutmeg pattern in preparation for sewing this. Now I just need to find the perfect fabric and lace combo...

Has anyone sewn this pattern before or something like it? Any suggestions on fabric choice?

Sam xox


  1. Colette patterns are the best! I own 4 but have only made 3 of them (Eclair, Beignet & Parfait). I really want to buy Chantilly and Crepe next.

  2. Hi Sam,
    Thanks for visiting us. Gosh, you have made so many beautiful things! That pattern looks just lovely, I look forward to seeing the finished article. Laura x

  3. Kat - Wow 4 CP patterns - am jealous :-) Just visited your blog and love the 30 day letter challenge, such a cool idea. I know what you mean about Crepe, it is heaps cute hey!

    NFSE - Thanks for visiting too. So glad you like some of my sewings! I love your blog and the idea of writing to each other - does feel slightly like I am peaking in though... ;-)

    Sam xox