Monday, February 21, 2011

Autumn palette challenge progress.

The Autumn Palette Challenge is off to a slow and steady start. The dress patterns I purchased finally arrived and they look super cute! I am planning on going to The Remnant Warehouse this pay day to purchase the fabric for both of these dresses.

Both patterns look super easy to make! The Jiffy dress only has two pieces (now that is fast) so I am excited to see how it actually turns out. From the look of the pattern, the buttons, belt, and folds are features added to give it a bit of shape. I like the look of the other more 70's style dress pattern as I think it would look great in a heavier fabric, and when finished, teamed with tights and a little jacket.

Remember this pattern?

I finally purchased the fabric to make View 1. I had been seriously thinking about making it in a navy, but I was really worried that the scalloped edge would be lost in a darker fabric. So I took the leap and bought three yards of mauve pink gabardine fabric from

I can't wait for it to arrive! I had decided on a Wiltshire lining for the jacket if it had been in navy, but now I will have to decide on a pink-based one.

Sam xox

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