Monday, January 7, 2013

Tweet tweet.

I have finally joined the twitter community! You can find me here.Pop over and say 'hi' so I know your twitter name. I am already enjoying following a number of my favourite peeps from our online sewing community. 

To celebrate me finally getting the hang of tweeting, I bring you a blue bird themed showcase of my favourite Etsy items...

Little blue bird fly high
~ Light Blue Birds from MademoiselleChipotte ~

Blue Bird Novelty Craft Embellishment Buttons
~ Blue Bird Buttons from Firefly Cabin~

Blue Bird, Momma bird necklace, Fully customizable, including birthstone eggs
~ Blue Bird Necklace from Gold Fish Inspirations ~

String of Blue Birds
~ String of Blue Birds from NellieFellow ~

Blue Birds on a Trailing Vine - Hand Stamped in  Royal Blue - 2 yards (0336)
~ Blue Birds on a Trailing Vine from HomesteadTreasures ~

Blue Birds on a wire - ORIGINAL WATERCOLOR PAINTING 8 by 5
~ Blue Birds on a Wire from Cat2Owl ~

Sam xox


  1. Haha, I went to follow you the other day, but i wasn't sure it was you or your account. I'm Allegravintage on twitter.