Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My hand spun yarn.

Here is the first of the blended Merino tops I bought from Feltfine, and it spun up absolutely beautifully!

Aries is a combination of dyed Merino wool tops scarlet, crimson, hot pink, ruby with extra bleached tussah silk to create a rainbow blend with a silky sheen. "

I bought 200 grams of the tops and weighed it out using digital scales to make two 100 gram bundles. I then spun two bobbins, with 100 grams on each. The wool spun beautifully with the different colours scattered throughout the bobbin. The yarn is then created by plying the two bobbins together.

Once the bobbin is full, the yarn is removed and wrapped around a wooden niddy noddy (I couldn't make that name up if I tried!) to help even out the tension.

The yarn is secured in place with four tie, is then removed from the niddy noddy, and twisted tightly to create a skein!

~ Those large white lines are the ties on the skein, not part of the actual yarn ~

200 grams of the wool gave me two and a half skeins of wool!

Isn't it beautiful? I am so pleased!!!

This is the third skein I have spun and I am already noticing an improvement in my consistency which is really encouraging. I am self taught from Youtube and bought my spinning wheel second hand on ebay. If you're a knitter and have been thinking of giving spinning a try, I say "Go for it!", it is really amazing to actually create yarn with your own two hands!

Sam xox


  1. Wow, I love the colour! Do you have a project in mind for it? It looks very even, lovely! X

    1. Thanks heaps hon! Nothing in mind (I know, bad right!?) but I am considering giving it as a gift for Christmas this year. I would like to make all my gifts this year :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Are you tempted to learn to spin now? ;-)