Sunday, February 5, 2012

February Beret progress.

Ironic really that I am knitting the February Beret in February. I am only 1 inch away from finishing the gull lace pattern, then it is on to some basic garter stitching to finish. I am thrilled with how it is looking and am wishing summer away too quickly in order to be able to wear this.

I am using the circular needles and yarn I bought recently from The Yarn Cafe. The yarn is deliciously soft on my hands and perfect for this pattern. I also indulged in some quality circular needles that promised not to twist - and they haven't once!

To begin this pattern you have to knit up an icord. No, it's not some fancy stitch designed by Apple. I tried to 'read' how to knit an icord but I couldn't quite wrap my brain around it, so I resorted to Plan B (Youtube). This video demonstrates how to knit an icord perfectly.

I have been reflecting a bit on why I have taken to knitting so quickly and intensely in the last month, and left sewing on the back burner for a bit. I am known to my friends to be someone who takes to things quickly and strongly, but this is a little different. Life has been so very stressful of late and I feel that things are beginning to get on top of me. Homesickness is getting to me, which would be fine on its own, but it is the latest in a long series of stressors. I feel like my tank is running on empty and I can't be the perfect wife/friend/worker that I want to be. I guess none of us are perfect really. Knitting is different to sewing. It has brought me a sense of calm and quiet that I guess only a ball of wool and some needles can do.

If you want to knit one of these berets for yourself, you can find the pattern for free here (you don't need a Ravelry account to access it).

Sam xox


  1. It looks lovely and i know what you mean about things building up. I find the same that crafts such as quilting and sewing take a backseat in those times to things more mindless such as one colour embroidery or crochet. I hope your feeling more yourself soon. Be kind to yourself

  2. I hate knitting icord. I have tried a few times but I suck at it. I might need to watch this video before I attempt it again. I wish winter would hurry up. I hate being hot and am so over summer!