Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dedicated to Mill.

As some of you know my dearest friend Mill is heading off to America in exactly one month.

She is going to be over there for one year to continue her studies.

I am going to miss her terribly. She is a beautiful friend who always makes time to see me. I was lucky enough to share a home with her for two years back in 2005-2007. Since I moved out we still manage to see each other weekly for our 'Craft Nights', where we share a meal, a nice chat, and encourage each other through our latest projects. Mill was also beside me at my wedding in January of this year as one of my bridesmaids.

I am throwing her a 'good-bye' party. It will be an afternoon high tea with her closest girlfriends, sister and mum.

I made her invitation using my favorite china and fabric. My dear friend Michelle helped me photo shop it and add the text. Do you like it? (Those pink rectangles are not really there. I have just covered some information up that was on the invite).

I have great plans for decorating Mill's apartment for the party!
First I am going to make some bunting. I have seen it in many peoples blogs where it has been used for decoration. I believe it is an American style of decorating, as I have not seen it used in Australia. But it looks great so I thought I would give it a go.

So far I have made 8 triangles. I am going to join them with some sort of ribbed tape or something similar from the local sewing shop.

This is what they look liked pinned together as a practice - I am happy with the result!

Sam xox

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